Technology Helps Us Stay Fit

Technology for fitness, such as smartwatches are all the rage when it comes to fitness, however they are not the only smart devices that can monitor and help your body stay healthy, fit and in shape for the upcoming summer days. This article takes a look at a few technological devices, which can put the spring back on your steps for your perfect summer body, and for an overall healthier living.

WiFi climbs
These scales more than weigh only body weight. They also weigh BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, bone density and hydration levels. All of this information can be stored for a number of users and can also be synced to a companion program on iOS and Android. Users may also set a weight goal and handle daily calorie budget using a nutrition monitoring feature. These devices provide high-accuracy blood pressure monitoring. And synced with programs on a smartphone, provide users with an immediate view of their background. The Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor connects to an Android or iOS apparatus both via Bluetooth and also with a cable. To use the track, a user slides on the track onto their arm and the program is launched immediately, which gives additional instructions on the best way best to measure the blood pressure.

Biometric clothing

Nowadays even clothing is now smart. Biometric clothing comes in a variety of forms including sporting tops, basketball shorts, and even socks. The top is loaded with different sensors that measure data like heart rate, breathing rate and movement, which is synced with numerous programs which then provide advice like recovery and intensity, calories burned and fatigue level. Connected socks, which contain cloth pressure sensors, will monitor running and provide the details of your recent sporting activity, and your movement details.


These devices emit water vapour to the air and so increase the amount of humidity. They are usually utilized in cold conditions and may be used to aid with conditions like dry skin, chapped lips, dry skin and nose bleeds. Wise humidifiers such as the Holmes Smart Humidifier can control the humidity level from anywhere using a program in a wise device. Air quality monitors are little devices that measure the quality of air in offices or in houses. Some of these devices go a step further and quantify different variables like dust pollution, pollen, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide levels so that consumers can take actions to mitigate any surplus levels in the atmosphere.

Smartwatches and Exercise bands

This class is by far the most popular as it comes to late and gadgets and has taken off in a big way in the past couple of years. Smartwatches and exercise bands have sensors that monitor activity like measures, sleep and heart prices. They now come in a variety of shapes and forms and there is a style to suit everyone; especially for those who just like to go for a run in a reversible singlet. Fitness bands such as the GOQii go one step further by offering you real life trainers who analyse your information and give you expert. Smartwatches come in many different prices, from standard to more advanced; which are better for the more advanced sporting type.

There are many technological devices in which can help you maintain, or improve your fitness status, when choosing the right device, consider all your options to better suit your sporting needs; this especially goes for first time sporting enthusiasts, or advanced sporting gods. Make sure you choose the one that better suits your sporting needs.