Buying Quality Tyres Makes A Difference

Buying quality new tyres for your car can make a massive difference to the way your car performs on the road. Here are two ways it can make that big difference:

Grip vs resilience

Each tyre differs in its tread pattern and rubber mix, and is a compromise in between a number of requirements, such as grip and resilience. Typically, a soft tyre offers much better grip but also leaves more rubber on the road, so will not last as long as a more difficult design. Racing tyres are a prime example: they’re really soft and virtually glue the cars and truck to the track, but might only last for part of one race– if that.

OPTION’s cornering and braking tests examine the grip of tyres, however durability is not easily measured. Some tyres have a United States tread use rating that can provide you some idea of for how long a tyre ought to last compared with others utilized in the exact same conditions.

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance associates with the amount of energy needed to move a car along the road. In theory, the lower the rolling resistance, the less fuel required. There’s no single constant screening approach used by makers to determine rolling resistance or to determine how it associates with sustain economy. With some makers claiming up to 10% better fuel economy with low rolling resistance tyres under specific driving conditions, we have actually established a technique in conjunction with goodyear tyres to evaluate this for ourselves in addition to our regular braking and cornering tests.